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Posted 11/30/2020 in Life Coach

Life Coaches

Life Coaches

Well, it has happened ladies and gentlemen.

One of the most successful team owners in the National Football League and, quite honestly, one of the most successful human beings on the planet has just found it necessary to hire a professional life coach to take on the role of assistant head coach of the world-famous Dallas Cowboys. Now, there have been plenty of teams that have brought on professional coaches to help players deal with off the field situations that may affect their careers in a negative manner, but this is the first time that a league owner has specifically hired a professional life coach In an attempt to make their players more accountable, pay closer attention to detail and learn to function as a team instead of chasing individual goals. Does “setting goals”, “paying close attention to detail” and “accepting responsibility” sound familiar? Well, it should. These are some of the main characteristics that a top certified professional life coach preaches and teaches along the route to becoming a top nationally certified professional life coach.

Let's break it down a little bit. Mr. Jerry Jones, who happens to know a thing or two about shaping normal "everyday" individuals into HIGHLY MOTIVATED, DISCIPLINED and STRUCTURED professionals, has decided that talent alone is not enough to win another Super Bowl title these days. The Cowboys were, in most people’s eyes, the most talented team in the NFL by far. However, they managed only 8 wins this season and it’s a record that has repeated itself many times over the past decade. So what is missing from a team loaded with talent?

I’ll tell you what is missing. Accountability is missing from the players and coaching staff. Players and coaches are also NOT paying close attention to detail. Players and coaches are also failing to communicate on a level that benefits the team as a whole. Players also are selfish these days and need to work on this destructive trait. All of these issues are issues that a top nationally certified professional life coach will bring to the surface and correct to make the people that they are dealing with the best possible version of themselves that they can possibly be.

Now, if you take Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys out of the equation and insert yourself or if you are a professional life coach yourself you can take Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys out of the equation and insert your clients into this story and you can see how important professional life coaching can be to correct destructive traits in individuals, companies, and teams in order to make them the best they can be.

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